Zuzahlungen für Hörgeräte bei der BKK – Ein Überblick

Copayments for hearing aids with the BKK - an overview

Overview of grants for the hard of hearing*

Health insurance 1. hearing aid 2. hearing aid

Repair flat rate**

(per hearing aid)

VdEk (Barmer, DAK, HEK, HKK, KKH, Techniker) €690.15 €690,15 €154.70
AOK Baden- Württemberg 685€ 532€ €125
AOK Hessen 680€ 527€ €120
BKK Bundesverband €719 569€ €150
BKK Verbund (Pronova,Schwenninger, Audi & Siemens BKK) €685 €532 €125
BKK Bahn 685€ 532€ €125
Knappschaft/ LKK €650 494€ €120
IKK classic 685€ 532€ €125
IKK Verbund 685€ 532€ €125
BIG 685€ 532€ €125

* WHO 2- 3

** Flat-rate repair fee = contractual arrangement between the service provider (hearing aid acoustician) and statutory health insurance companies, which covers all repairs/reproduction of earmolds for hearing aids that are only covered by health insurance (without additional payment) within the standard period of use of six years.

What is the co-payment for hearing aids?

The co-payment for hearing aids is a topical issue that affects many people who rely on the support of a hearing aid. But what about the co-payment if you are insured with a company health insurance fund (BKK)? The co-payment is the amount that insured persons have to pay themselves in addition to the amount covered by their health insurance.

The mkk and its regulations on hearing aid co-payment

The meine krankenkasse (mkk) is one of many company health insurance funds that provides its policyholders with hearing aids if required. In principle, the mkk covers the costs of standard hearing aids in full. A co-payment is only required if special hearing aids that go beyond standard care are desired.

Hearing aids with Daimler BKK - What is covered?

Daimler BKK offers its members special benefits for hearing aids. Here too, the costs for basic care are covered in full. However, premium models or additional technical features may incur additional costs, which must be paid by the insured themselves.

Pronova BKK and its services for the hearing impaired

Pronova BKK stands for comprehensive care for its policyholders. In the case of hearing aids, this means that in addition to basic care, attractive co-payment models for higher-quality devices are also offered to meet the individual needs of its members.

Choosing the right hearing aid: Advice and service

No matter which BKK you are insured with, choosing the right hearing aid should always be done in collaboration with a specialist. Not only the medical aspects are taken into account, but also the personal needs and everyday life of the insured person.

The assumption of costs in detail - what needs to be considered

It is important to know that health insurance companies cover the costs up to a fixed amount. If the cost of the hearing aid exceeds this amount, the insured person must pay the difference as a co-payment. It is worth making a careful comparison here and also asking hearing aid acousticians about possible discounts.

When is supplementary insurance for hearing aids worthwhile?

For some people, it may make sense to take out additional hearing aid insurance. This can help to minimize the co-payment or even cover it completely. However, this depends heavily on individual conditions and needs.

Conclusion: Well informed for optimal hearing aid provision

In summary, it can be said that the cost coverage for hearing aids by the BKK is a great help. It is important to get good advice and exhaust all the options to find the ideal solution for you. Each BKK has its own regulations that need to be observed.