Hörakustik Meister: Meisterprüfung, Meisterschule & Meisterkurs

Hearing Aid Master: Master Exam, Master School & Master Course

A master hearing care professional is a professional who specializes in fitting hearing aids and other acoustical aids. They have attended a master school and successfully passed the master examination.

The master school is an advanced training for hearing care professionals who have already completed their training and have several years of professional experience. In the master school, participants learn everything they need to know about the various hearing aids and their possible applications, as well as about the business and legal aspects of the master profession. The master school usually lasts about a year and ends with the master examination.

The master craftsman examination is a written and oral examination, which is taken by the Chamber of Crafts. It is used to test the skills and knowledge of hearing care professionals and to ensure that they meet the requirements for the master craftsman profession.

After successfully passing the master craftsman exam, master hearing care professionals can start their own hearing care business or work in a management position in an existing business. They are able to fit and repair hearing aids, as well as advise customers and help them choose suitable hearing aids.

Overall, the master hearing care professional is an important professional who helps restore hearing to people with hearing problems, improving their quality of life.