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Dispose of old hearing aids & hearing aid batteries

Hearing aids are important devices that help many people correct or improve their hearing loss. However, they are also electronic devices that must be properly disposed of after the end of their useful life. In this article, we will look at how to properly dispose of hearing aids and hearing aid batteries, and what options are available to do so.

First of all, it is important to note that hearing aids and hearing aid batteries should not simply be disposed of in the trash. They contain potentially harmful substances that must be properly recycled to protect the environment and conserve resources. The more modern zinc-air batteries, while not considered hazardous, are still not intended for disposal in household waste. 

One way to dispose of hearing aids is to return them to the manufacturer or dealer. Many companies have programs in place to take back old hearing aids and donate them or recycle them properly. When you return your hearing aids, make sure all batteries are removed and that they are shipped in a secure shipping container.

Another option is to drop off hearing aids at an electronics collection center. Many municipalities or supermarkets have special collection points where old electronics, including hearing aids, can be dropped off. These collection points ensure that the devices are recycled properly.

There are also organizations dedicated to the collection and recycling of hearing aids. One example is Hear Now, an organization that collects old hearing aids and gives them to people in need who can't afford expensive new ones.

So, in summary, here's the deal:

Disposing of hearing aids and hearing aid batteries properly helps to protect the environment and conserve resources. There are many ways to dispose of old hearing aids, such as returning them to the manufacturer or retailer, dropping them off at an electronics collection center, or turning them over to an organization dedicated to collecting and recycling hearing aids. Make sure all batteries are removed and hearing aids are securely packaged, before disposing of them.