Hörgeräte selbst einstellen: Lautstärke, Hörprogramme, App

Adjust hearing aids yourself: Volume, hearing programs, app

Hearing aids are small electronic devices designed to help people with hearing problems. If you wear a hearing aid, it's important that it's adjusted properly so you have the best possible hearing experience. Here are some tips and information on how to adjust hearing aids

Adjusting hearing aid volume

The volume of a hearing aid can be adjusted depending on your needs. If you have trouble understanding conversations in noisy environments, it might be helpful to increase the volume. However, if you have trouble understanding soft sounds or voices, it might be more useful to lower the volume. The volume can be adjusted either manually using a control on the hearing aid or through an app on your smartphone.

Adjusting hearing aids yourself

In some cases, you can adjust your hearing aid yourself by adjusting the volume and other settings. This is especially helpful when you are in different environments and want to adjust the settings accordingly. Each hearing aid offers different listening programs. There are different programs such as: Restaurant, TV, Music, Quiet Environment, etc.

Adjust hearing aids via app

Some hearing aids also have an app that allows you to change settings from the comfort of your smartphone. The app allows you to adjust the volume, sound, and other settings without having to manually adjust the hearing aid. This can be especially useful if you are in a noisy environment and want to quickly change settings without having to take out the hearing aid.

Remote hearing aid fitting

Remote fitting sounds unthinkable to many hearing aid users at first. There are fears of qualitative disadvantages or the need for technical knowledge. But quite the opposite is true: digital remote fitting is technically equivalent, requires only basic handling of your smartphone and also offers a whole range of advantages over on-site fitting: Problems are solved where they occur - Digital remote fitting makes it possible to adjust your hearing aids in real, everyday listening situations and environments. Thus, the likelihood of a successful fitting is increased.

Overall, it is important that your hearing aid is properly adjusted so that you have the best possible listening experience. Whether you adjust the settings manually or change them through an app, there are many ways to customize your hearing aid to your individual needs. If you are having difficulty adjusting your hearing aid or getting used to hearing with your hearing aid, you should contact your hearing healthcare professional who can help you adjust your hearing aid and get you used to hearing with your hearing aid.