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ITC Hearing Aids: What are ITC hearing aids?

ITC stands for "in the canal," which means "in the ear canal" in German. ITC hearing aids are a type of hearing aid worn directly in the ear canal. They are larger than hearing aids that sit completely in the ear canal and smaller than hearing aids that are worn behind the ear.

ITC hearing aids are particularly suitable for people who have mild to moderate hearing loss and whose ear canal has enough space to accommodate the hearing aid. They are also suitable for people who are looking for a more appealing alternative to larger hearing aids.

ITC hearing aids are fitted by a hearing healthcare professional and are generally less visible than larger hearing aids because they sit deeper in the ear canal. However, they can be more difficult for some people to handle because they are smaller and harder to grip.

ITC hearing aids have the same features as other hearing aids, such as adjusting volume and helping to distinguish speech in noisy environments. They re usually battery operated, however, there are now ITC hearing aids on the market that are rechargeable.

ITC hearing aids can be a good choice for some people because they are smaller and less visible than other hearing aids. However, they are not suitable for everyone, and it is important to seek advice from a hearing healthcare professional to find the best hearing aid for individual needs.