Der beste Hörgeräte Service - Nur bei MySecondEar

All-round carefree package: hearing aid service at MySecondEar

Your satisfaction is our highest praise as well as the overriding goal of our work! That's why our service promise for you, or rather your hearing aids, includes a number of free offers. In this article, you will get an overview of which services you can rely on at MySecondEar.

30 days return policy

Despite the best advice on the right hearing aid, it is only when wearing and testing out whether the choice was actually the right one. If you find that your new hearing aid does not meet all your needs, you can therefore return it to us free of charge within 30 days. Of course, you will get your money back in full. The exchange to a new hearing aid is also possible, the shipping costs are covered by MySecondEar, for you there are no extra costs!

Guaranteed well insured

The warranty for your hearing aids usually covers a period of 2 years, for earpieces there is a warranty claim of one year. Exceptions are devices from Oticon, Starkey and Phonak - here you enjoy 5 years warranty on device and battery. Likewise, there is the possibility to extend the warranty period by 2 years for a one-time price of 99€ per ear.

Repair Service

When a warranty claim occurs, MySecondEar will repair your hearing aid free of charge. To preserve your hearing, we will provide you with a replacement device for the duration of the repair. This will be sent to you by mail. In the package used for this purpose, a return bill is enclosed with which you can send the device to be repaired to us. After successful repair, the replacement device and your hearing aid will be exchanged in the same way. So there are no costs for you for shipping and packaging.

Should a case of damage occur outside of the warranty period, we take the liberty of charging as follows:

  • Battery replacement: 49,00€
  • small repair (e.g. compensation of optical defects): 59,00€
  • major repair (e.g. defective processor): 149,00€

On-site service

Apart from remote services, we are always happy to welcome you on-site at one of our locations. We will be happy to clean and check your hearing aids free of charge. We also carry out the change of screens, filters and sound tubes, as well as the reworking of earpieces free of charge for you. Only costs for necessary components or in case of own fault will be borne by you. Feel free to stop by and sit back in a relaxed atmosphere while we take care of your hearing aid.