Hörgeräte reinigen mit Ultraschall: Ultraschallreiniger für Hörgeräte

Cleaning hearing aids with ultrasound: Ultrasonic cleaner for hearing aids

Dust, cosmetics, cerumen, care products - hearing aids are exposed to numerous factors on a daily basis that can lead to dirt or blockages. In order to prolong the life of your hearing aids as much as possible, you should therefore clean and dry them daily! You can find our ultimate guide to cleaning and drying hearing aids here.

There are a few more points to consider in the cleaning process itself. Firstly, with regard to the materials used: using household items or cleaning agents from the storeroom can cause lasting damage to your hearing aids. Instead, special cleaning tools and products should be used. Secondly, the drying process is crucial. This should be one thing above all: thorough. This is because water can also cause severe damage to your hearing aid. drying boxes or capsules serve as a means to an end here.

Ultrasonic bath for hearing aids

Hearing aids with their fine technology must never be placed in water! Accordingly, only external, removable parts of the hearing aid - shield, earmold and sound tube, if no ex-hearing aid is included - can be cleaned in an ultrasonic bath. Ultraviolet light is used to effectively remove bacteria and fungi within a few minutes. No special cleaning agent is required for ultrasonic cleaning; clear water alone is sufficient.

Be sure to dry your hearing aid thoroughly after cleaning. The individual parts can only be reassembled when they are completely dry. You can find out more about drying in our guide.