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The hearing aid insurance from MySecondEar

Whether it's lack of care, external damage, theft or loss, your hearing aids are exposed to many hazards that aren't always self-inflicted. To avoid the occurrence of repair costs, you can purchase hearing aid insurance, which will give you complete peace of mind in everyday life or while traveling!

Hearing aid insurance and warranty: the difference

You're probably wondering why you should buy insurance when you have a warranty on your hearing aids. The difference between hearing aid insurance and a warranty is that the latter only covers manufacturing and material defects. Damage caused by improper handling or repair by unauthorized persons is also not covered by the warranty.

In contrast, depending on the level, an insurance policy covers even gross negligence, intentional damage by third parties, and accessories damage. Another difference relates to the limited duration of a warranty: for some manufacturers, for example Oticon, Phonak, Starkey and ReSound, it expires after 5 years, for others after just 2 years. After this period, there is a risk of financial burden in the event of a claim. With insurance, your hearing aid is covered for the entire 6-year period of care.

Hearing aid insurance: why it makes sense

With the many hazards your valuable hearing aids face every day, especially after the warranty expires, insurance is recommended. No matter how much caution you take, something can happen to these little technological wonders all the time, and the cost of repairs is not insignificant. Hearing aid insurance covers a wide range of possible damage and thus gives you optimum security, avoiding any unforeseeable financial burden in the event of a claim.

With loss protection, your device is protected in the event of loss and theft, while comfort or complete protection offers you further benefits. Particularly noteworthy is the coverage of moisture damage, for example, caused by sweat. You also do not have to pay for damage caused by your own negligence or that of third parties.

Hearing aid insurance: for whom it makes sense

In principle, hearing aid insurance makes sense for anyone who wants to be prepared for damage claims, because homeowner's insurance doesn't kick in here. No matter how carefully you treat your devices, they are extremely difficult to protect against theft or damage by third parties. Especially with hearing aids, whose manufacturers offer a rather short warranty or which are particularly high-quality, it is therefore advisable to have financial protection in the form of insurance.

Hearing aid insurance: what it should include

Depending on the level of protection, hearing aid insurance should at least cover loss or theft/robbery (loss protection). However, it is advisable if moisture damage, damage to accessories or due to operating errors, as well as intentional damage by third parties are also covered (comfort protection). To round off the insurance, the protection against gross negligence and replacement value reimbursement offers complete freedom from worries in the first three years (complete protection).

In addition to the scope of your hearing aid insurance, the responsiveness of the insurance carrier is particularly crucial. In the event of a claim, immediate service should be offered that covers, in addition to the hearing aids themselves, all accessories and etoplastics. In general, transparency of benefits, terms, and prices is a sign of reputable insurance companies.

Hearing aid insurance: cost

The cost of hearing aid insurance is determined by the new price of your hearing aids and the desired term.

A loss protection starts thereby with a device price of up to 1,000€ with 21,95€ (annually), with conclusion over 3 years the sum amounts to 62,95€ (20,98€ per year) for the entire period, with 6 years the price range amounts to 105, 95€ (17,66€ per year). All other prices can be found in the overview below.

Since comfort protection covers a wider breadth of damage, prices start accordingly at €25.95 annually, or €73.95 over 3 years (€24.65 per year) or €124.95 over 6 years (€20.83 per year). For more expensive hearing aids, you can find price details in the overview below.

The most comprehensive worry-free offers the complete protection. Here you are priced in the lowest category at 33,45€ annually, or 94,95€ on 3 years (31,65€ per year) or 161,95€ on 6 years (26,99€ per year). In the following overview you will find more price orientations.