Interton Hörgeräte: Move, Ready - Erfahrungen & Modelle

Interton hearing aids

The company called Interton has been around for more than 60 years now. The company was founded in Cologne, Germany. Today, the company is part of the Danish GN Group. The goal is to produce inexpensive hearing aids on the one hand, and functional ones on the other. People should be able to hear better in an uncomplicated way and thus compensate for hearing loss. The hearing aids are sold by Interton in more than 70 countries worldwide.

If you want to take an active part in events again despite your hearing loss, you should consider a good hearing aid. In recent years, the technical development has advanced greatly. The housings are getting smaller and smaller, yet the modern hearing aids shine with the latest digital technology and performance.

The company Interton

In 1962, the company Interton was founded by Hans Herbert Türk and Helmuth J. Türk in the German city of Cologne. A member of the Danish GN Group only since 2005, Interton's mission is to restore a better life to people with hearing problems through "Essential Hearing."

Interton's mission is to restore a better life to people with hearing problems through "Essential Hearing.

The focus is on:

  • price-performance ratio
  • ease of use
  • Compactness
  • comfort
  • speech intelligibility

These devices are sold by Interton in more than 70 countries around the world.

The latest Interton hearing aids

Interton Move

The Interton Move from GN-Hearing is ideally suited to an active lifestyle, offering wireless connectivity, long battery life of up to thirty hours and direct streaming. In the process, the Interton Move covers all types of hearing loss with different designs.

The focus here is on crystal-clear amplification of acoustic signals and speech in noisy environments - after all, you want to be able to actively participate in conversations even in old age. Interference and wind noise you can safely fade out, the Interton Move intelligently attenuates the noise without the situation seeming artificial to them. Ergonomic design and robustness make the Interton Move the perfect companion in everyday life.

Powerful computing

To ensure that the Interton Move can offer you a perfect sound experience at all times, the devices are equipped with a fast-calculating chip. This analyzes the situation for you and automatically adjusts their hearing aid to it.

Ready to use again immediately

With only three hours of charging time, the hearing aid is immediately available to you again with full power. The hearing aids charge inductively in the charging station provided. Connect your hearing aids to your smartphone and enjoy music, podcasts or TV sound with direct streaming. You can also use the smartphone as a remote control for the devices and discreetly adjust volume or change programs.

Interton Ready

The Interton Ready is made for Iphone and covers all forms of hearing loss. It is available in four power levels and in RIC, BTE, CIC, ITE and ITC styles. The small and discreet hearing aids are specialized for conversations in noisy environments and are made of skin-friendly nano-coated material.

You also benefit from direct streaming options for podcast, music and calls. You can adjust the volume and hearing program in a relaxed way via your smartphone, without anyone noticing that you are handling your hearing aid. Your smartphone also supports you if you can't find your hearing aids. The hearing aid finder shows them the current location of their devices.

Thanks to robust design, the hearing aid accompanies you over a long runtime. The GN technology guarantees them high quality in the manufacture of the devices.

Individual hearing with defined hearing programs

Interton Ready offers them the option of setting personal listening programs for music, for example. As a result, Interton Ready provides you with sound quality and tone color that is completely tailored to their needs

Noise is filtered through the devices and speech is amplified for you. You can select the hearing program yourself or use the intelligent automatic of their devices. Then their hearing aid adapts to the situation without you doing anything. This allows you to actively participate in the conversation again, even in noisy environments.

The technology levels and differences of Interton hearing aids

Most of Interton's products have a total of four performance levels. These also relate to the price of the hearing aids. At Interton, there is the highest technology level with the number 6. If you have a high demand, or maintain an active lifestyle, technology level six is particularly suitable for hearing aids from Interton.

Otherwise, of course, you also have the option of choosing a medium technology level of three and four, such Interton hearing aids also offer. If you have typical listening situations, which are predictable and the requirements in your everyday life are simple, it may be the technology level four or three.

The simplest technological level for Interton hearing aids refers to the technology level with the number 2. This level is suitable for small group conversations in a quiet environment, one-on-one conversations and wearers who are less socially active. Of course, you can also use it to watch excellent television.

Interton Hearing Aids App & Accessories

Interton hearing aids offer additional features with accessories provided by the manufacturer. Using the Interton app, key functions of the hearing aids can be controlled

  • Interton Sound App - With the Interton Sound App, lost hearing aids can be retrieved. In addition, the Interton Sound App controls wireless connections to televisions or I-Pods. Likewise, the app offers the ability to save personal listening program preferences. The hearing aids are made-for-IPhone and allow direct streaming with Apple devices, as well as additional features when used with an Apple device.
  • TV Streamer 2 - The TV Streamer 2 is used to stream television sound directly into the hearing aids. But connections with stereo systems or computers are also possible.
  • Multi Mic - The Multi Mic supports amplification for conversations from a distance or can be used as a table microphone.
  • Telephone Clip 2 - The Phone Clip 2 transmits music and call tone into the hearing aids. It can be controlled via the sound app.
  • Remote Control 2 - The Remote Control 2 provides a quick way to control basic functions of the hearing aids. It can be used to adjust volume and programs and provide information about the charging status. In addition, the remote control can be connected to the multi-mic.