Neue Hörgeräte nach 4 Jahren: Anspruch auf Hörgeräte

New hearing aids after 4 years

Welcome to the world of hearing! Who would have thought that after just four years, the latest hearing aid models could offer so many improvements and upgrades? Well, in case you weren't aware, sit down comfortably and let's talk about why you should consider getting new hearing aids after four years


Entitlement to hearing aids through health insurance

Another important aspect when considering getting new hearing aids is the question of cost coverage. In many countries, including Germany, statutory health insurance companies offer support for the purchase of hearing aids. In Germany, for example, insured persons are entitled to a new hearing aid every six years if there is a medical need. This means that you may not be entitled to a new hearing aid immediately after four years, unless your hearing condition has deteriorated significantly or the old device is defective and cannot be repaired.

It is always advisable to contact your health insurance provider to clarify your individual situation and possible entitlement to support. Remember that the health of your hearing is important and worth investing in!

Why new hearing aids might be necessary after 4 years

Technological progress

We live in a technology-driven age where advances are constantly being made. Do you remember the first cell phone you owned? Now compare that to your current smartphone. Quite different, isn't it? It's similar with hearing aids. New models offer improved sound quality, are more comfortable to wear and often include additional features such as Bluetooth connectivity.

Wear and wear

Hearing aids are durable, but they are also subject to daily use and wear and tear. After four years, the quality of the sound can deteriorate and more frequent repairs may be required. A new hearing aid can solve these problems and provide you with a more reliable hearing experience.

Benefits of updating your hearing aids

Improving the quality of hearing

New hearing aids can significantly improve your hearing quality. They can capture finer sound details and improve speech intelligibility in noisy environments.

New features

New hearing aids often come with additional features. This could be better connectivity with digital devices, advanced noise-canceling technology or even health monitoring features. You might be surprised at what a hearing aid can do these days!

Adapting to lifestyle changes

Have your lifestyle and hearing requirements changed in the last four years? New hearing aids can be adapted to these changes to ensure they meet your current needs.

Choosing new hearing aids

When you're ready to consider new hearing aids, it's best to consult a hearing care professional. They can help you find the best option for your needs and lifestyle


All in all, after four years, new hearing aids offer numerous benefits. From technological advances to improved comfort and features tailored to your lifestyle, there are many reasons why you should consider upgrading. Remember that good hearing plays a crucial role in a high quality of life. So take the first step and find out about the options available to you!