Power Hörgeräte: Beste Hörgeräte für hochgradig Schwerhörige

Power hearing aids: best hearing aids for severe hearing loss

Power hearing aids are a special type of hearing aid designed for people with severe hearing loss. Unlike regular hearing aids, which are mainly for people with mild to moderate hearing loss, power hearing aids offer much more powerful performance and can therefore significantly improve hearing in people who are hard of hearing.

Power hearing aids are typically larger than regular hearing aids and also have more power to meet the increased demands of severe hearing loss. They feature special technologies such as Directionalities, which facilitate speech understanding in noisy environments, and Adaptive Noise Reduction, which minimizes distracting background noise.

One of the most important features of power hearing aids is their ability to amplify very soft sounds. This is especially important for people with severe hearing loss, who often have difficulty perceiving soft sounds, such as a person whispering or a clock ticking. Power hearing aids have special amplification systems that allow very soft sounds to be amplified significantly, making them easier for the hearing aid user to hear.

Power hearing aids are also capable of improving hearing sensation in different frequency ranges. They have special equalizer systems that allow hearing sensation to be enhanced in specific frequency ranges to improve understanding of conversations and other audible signals.

The hearing aids are also designed to improve hearing in specific frequency ranges to improve understanding of conversations and other audible signals.

It's important to note that power hearing aids are not for everyone, and in some cases they can have side effects. For example, some people may have trouble getting used to the amplified sounds.

It is therefore important to seek thorough advice from a hearing healthcare professional before choosing a power hearing aid. Regular checks and adjustments of the hearing aid are also important to ensure that it is working optimally for you.

Current power hearing aid models

In most cases, however, power hearing aids are a valuable support for people with severe hearing loss and can help them hear better and therefore understand better. They can also help reduce isolation for people with hearing loss and enable them to lead more active and self-determined lives.