TK-Hörgeräteversorgung: Kosten, Zuzahlungen und Zuschüsse im Überblick

TK hearing aid provision: Costs, co-payments and subsidies at a glance

Overview of grants for the hard of hearing*

Health insurance 1. hearing aid 2. hearing aid

Repair flat rate**

(per hearing aid)

VdEk (Barmer, DAK, HEK, HKK, KKH, Techniker) €690.15 €690,15 €154.70
AOK Baden- Württemberg 685€ 532€ €125
AOK Hessen 680€ 527€ €120
BKK Bundesverband €719 569€ €150
BKK Verbund (Pronova,Schwenninger, Audi & Siemens BKK) €685 €532 €125
BKK Bahn 685€ 532€ €125
Knappschaft/ LKK €650 494€ €120
IKK classic 685€ 532€ €125
IKK Verbund 685€ 532€ €125
BIG 685€ 532€ €125

* WHO 2- 3

** Flat-rate repair fee = contractual arrangement between the service provider (hearing aid acoustician) and statutory health insurance companies, which covers all repairs/new production of earmolds for hearing aids covered by health insurance only (without additional payment) within the standard period of use of six years


Hearing aids on prescription: coverage by TK

As a statutory health insurance provider, Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) covers the costs of hearing aids if they are medically necessary. This makes a significant contribution to improving the quality of life of people with hearing impairments.

Copayment for hearing aids with TK: What you need to know

Although TK fully covers the basic cost of hearing aids, co-payments may apply for higher-value devices. However, this cost sharing is clearly defined by statutory regulations and is manageable for insured persons.

Amount and conditions of TK subsidies

TK offers a fixed subsidy for the provision of a hearing aid. If insured persons choose a device that goes beyond the standard fitting, they must pay the difference themselves.

Choosing the right hearing aid: use TK contract partners

TK works with a number of contractual partners who are hearing aid acousticians. With these, insured persons can be sure of receiving high-quality devices at the health insurance company's conditions.

Cost coverage for hearing aids by TK in 2024

TK will continue to cover the full cost of standard hearing aids in 2024. Details on the current regulation and any changes should be requested directly from TK.

Higher co-payment for premium hearing aids: an option with TK

If you have special requirements for your hearing aid and want special technical features, for example, you can also make a higher co-payment with TK and receive a premium hearing aid.

Subsidies for hearing aids: What does Techniker Krankenkasse cover?

TK ensures that its policyholders receive hearing aids that meet their needs. A fixed subsidy is granted for the fitting, which usually covers the cost of a standard device.

Conclusion: TK support for better hearing quality

Techniker Krankenkasse offers its policyholders comprehensive services in the area of hearing aid care. Individual advice is important in order to reconcile your own needs with the services provided by TK. This ensures that every insured person receives the right hearing aid for them.

FAQs on hearing aid provision with Techniker Krankenkasse (TK)

1. What costs for hearing aids are covered by TK? TK covers the costs of basic hearing aid provision. A co-payment may be required for devices with additional functions.

2. How much is the TK co-payment for a hearing aid? The statutory co-payment is 10 euros per hearing aid. For higher-quality devices, insured persons must bear additional costs themselves.

3. How often does TK grant a subsidy for a new hearing aid? In principle, insured persons are entitled to a new hearing aid every six years, provided there is a corresponding medical need.

4. What does TK pay if the hearing aid is lost or damaged? If the hearing aid is lost or damaged, TK can provide a replacement under certain circumstances. The details of this should be clarified directly with TK.

5. What do I have to do to receive a subsidy for a hearing aid from TK? To receive a subsidy, you need a prescription from an ENT doctor and must contact a TK contractual partner or a hearing aid acoustician.