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Variant: ITE
55 €
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Hörluchs SOWEI Sleep - For a peaceful sleep

The SOWEI SLEEP is a snug-fitting sleep protector made of soft silicone that invisibly ensures a peaceful sleep. It fits perfectly to the ear canal and is hardly noticeable in the side position.

Scope of supply

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The soft-soft SOWEI SLEEP ensures a restful night's sleep. The sleep protector is custom-made from biocompatible silicone and nestles almost imperceptibly against the ear canal wall. Nothing presses or disturbs, so the little helper is also ideal for side sleepers. Conventional earplugs or ear protectors are unsuitable for hours of use in the ear overnight.

The fitted sleep protector reliably muffles annoying background noise: snoring, the ticking of the alarm clock and other sounds from traffic, music or noisy neighbors - like a sleep mask for the ears.

Recommendation: even a simple sleep protection device such as the SOWEI SLEEP IIC or the SOWEI SLEEP can be checked for functionality through the function test. In this way, the functionality of the earmold is proven right at the beginning. 


  • Perfectly adapted to the ear
  • Wonderful silence for a restful sleep
  • Exceptionally soft silicone
  • Biocompatible material
  • Extremely comfortable to wear
  • High resistance
  • Grip recesses on request
  • Safe hold in the ear
  • Silences noise and snoring
  • Available in different colors

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