Oticon More

Technology level: 1
Design: Battery
Color: Platinum
1.890 €
Price per single hearing aid. Shipping costs are free of charge.
Hearing Aids side: Both

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Oticon More

The Oticon More is the successor of the Oticon OPN S. It is an unobtrusive, rechargeable model that promises clear speech perception. Through the special Brainhearing Technology, Oticon hearing aids are taken one step further on the continuum of technical sensations. The More devices support the natural function of your brain with accessing the surrounding sounds, leading to a quick, natural understanding of those. 

The following additional features are included within the Oticon More:

  • Bluetooth Connectivity - Streaming of your smartphone’s audio directly to your hearing aids.
  • Microchip Polaris - This intelligent chip holds the Brainhearing Technology, which significantly influences the technological functions of the Oticon More.
  • Deep Neural Network - This technology has been trained with more than 12 million sounds and ensures a detailed sound perception.
  • MoreSound Intelligence - This intelligent system is able to distinguish between easy and difficult hearing situations on an individual level, depending on the hearing habits of the respective hearing aid wearer.
  • MoreSound Amplifier - This amplifying system leads to a balanced hearing which is rich in contrast. It too works based on the given acoustic surroundings.

Better hearing based on brain research

Launched in early 2021, the Oticon More is the latest hearing aid by Oticon. After two successful years of the Oticon OPN S, it’s being replaced by the promising technology of the new model- which offers more through BrainHearing technology. It’s the first hearing aid with an integrated Deep Neural Network.

Oticon has made it their mission to not only amplify sounds, but to enable hearing that makes you forget about your hearing loss. That's why the company has done research on how hearing is naturally performed in the brain. The findings were taken into account for the development of their new hearing aids.

The result? An impressive sound and optimal 360° orientation in one's surroundings. Therefore, the Deep Neural Network detects the hearing aid user's requirements and ensures the clear and precise perception of sounds.

Accessories for the Oticon More

  • Connect Clip - You can use this additional microphone to bridge the distance to a speaker, for phone calls or for streaming purposes.
  • TV-Adapter - Stream the audio of your TV directly with your hearing aids.
  • Remote Control - Simply change volume and programme of your hearing device through this small remote.
  • EduMic - This additional microphone can be used as bridge to a distant speaker, telecoil or for streaming.

For more information on the respective products or to find further accessories, click here.

Oticon More Colors

The Oticon More is available in the following colors: Quartz Sand, Platinum, Silver White, Sienna Brown, Nut Brown, Titanium, Pearl Black, Hear Pink.

Customer Reviews

Based on 158 reviews
From the local hearing care professional to MySecondEar

Zunächst möchte ich mein Alter bekanntgeben: 73 Jahre.
Now to the question, how did I find out about MySecondEar?!

Der örtliche Hörgeräteakustiker hat mich sehr gut beraten, war höflich und hat mir Geräte zum Probehören für beide Ohren mitgegeben.

I was also reasonably happy with them, although they were simple devices; you start with the simpler hearing aids and then increase.

Because I'm no stranger to computers, cell phones and the Internet despite my age, I took a look at the prices to compare on the Internet and completely froze for a few seconds. Why? It was the price - easily 800,- € more expensive.

The equipment was returned by me the very next day, so on the spot.

Then I researched online hearing aid retailers via the internet and after many comparisons I chose MySecondEar and as it turned out a very good choice.

Kurz gesagt:
- Die Firma per Mail angeschrieben und mich telefonisch beraten lassen.
- Ich habe mich dann für Oticon More 1 entschieden (aber nicht, weil sie mir aufgedrängt wurden, ich persönlich wollte die derzeit besten Hörer haben).
- Bestellt, bezahlt, schnell geliefert, nach einer Woche Fernanpassung und jetzt kommt der Hammer – mal eben 2100,- € gespart bei gleicher Geräteauswahl.

Noch etwas zur Fernanpassung. Die Oticon App heruntergeladen und installiert, Termin mit, in meinem Fall, einer Hörgeräte-Meister-Akustikerin vereinbart und die Geräte wurden eingestellt.
It's just as professional as on-site, but much cheaper. With my Apple 12 Pro Max, there was no difficulty at all because you are told step by step what needs to be done beforehand.

Fazit, fünf Sterne für MySecondEar.
And another thing, the Oticon More 1 are absolutely good, also here 5 *****

Manfred Meinken

All good

Franz Spiegl

Nachdem ich die Hörgeräte erst ca. 1 Woche in Verwendung habe, kann ich noch keine seriöse Bewertung abgeben.
MfG Franz Spiegl

Michael Dr.Vehling
Completely unproblematic

The employees are friendly, helpful and uncomplicated. All arrangements made were handled quickly and professionally.

Die Qualität der Höranpassungen hängt von den jeweiligen Mitarbeitern ab. Ich hatte bislang drei Höranpassungen, zwei davon waren mittelmäßig, eine war hervorragend.
Overall, the team at MySecondEar is highly recommended.

Karl Hirsch

Oticon More

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