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Oticon Dome Starter Set

19,90 €
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The sizes:

  • S small: diameter of the Dome about 6 mm
  • M medium: diameter of the Dome about 8 mm
  • L large: diameter of the Dome about 10 mm
  • PowerDome S: two Domes in a row diameter about 8 mm
  • PowerDome M: two back-to-back Domes diameter approx. 10 mm
  • PowerDome L: two back-to-back Domes diameter approx. 12 mm

The designs:

Open Dome:
These Domes have large ventilation holes in the Dome wall and are used when the most open supply is desired. The sound is very natural and the wearing comfort is significantly improved.

Closed dome: with a single vent (single vent) or double vent (double vent):
The closed Dome has one or two small vents and is used when a little more volume is needed and the equipment tends to whistle slightly.

The PowerDome has 2 closed Domes that sit directly behind each other for even greater sealing.

Suitable for the following Oticon Hearing Aids:

  • More 1, More 2, More 3
  • Opn 1, Opn 2, Opn 3
  • Alta 2 Pro, Alta 2, Alta Pro, Alta
  • Nera 2 Pro, Nera 2, Nera Pro, Nera
  • Ria 2 Pro, Ria 2, Ria Pro, Ria
  • Como, Como Pro
  • Get

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