Phonak Audéo Lumity

Technology level: 90
Design: Battery
Color: Silver gray
2.090 €
Price per single hearing aid. Shipping costs are free of charge.
Hearing Aids side: Both

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Charger or 60 Batteries
High quality Cleaning Set
Domes, Wax Guards, Receivers
5 Adjustments included

Phonak Audéo Lumity

The Phonak Audéo Lumity promises fullest focus on the conversations around you with less listening effort. The reason for this is Phonak's Smart Speech Technology, which is fundamentally composed of two components: the Stereo Zoom 2.0. and the Speech Sensor. With the help of this smart technology, you hear with greater contrast and at the same time more comfortably, regardless of the direction of what is being said. The Speech Sensor is always fully aware of your surroundings, creating a 360° sound image that enables effortless participation in all conversations around you.

Other features you can look forward to with the Audéo Lumity:

  • Comprehensive Connectivity - Connect your hearing aid to other Bluetooth-enabled devices to take your listening experience to the next level. Connections are possible with up to eight devices, and two active connections can exist at the same time.
  • Improved hands-free telephony - Make calls without a cell phone to your ear, directly through your hearing aid. It's possible! With Bluetooth connectivity and improved sound quality, you can now make your phone calls in an even more relaxed way.
  • Health data - Always keep an eye on your health, the Lumity helps you do it! Whether counting steps, measuring activity levels or monitoring wear time, you're no longer alone on the road to achieving health goals.
  • Tap Control - Accept or reject phone calls, stop audio media playback, skip the song - all this can be easily done with a tap, i.e. tapping the hearing aid. For you, this means free hands and greater comfort.
  • Available with telecoil - The Audéo Lumity is available with a telecoil. This is especially recommended for customers who want access to better speech understanding via telecoils in public buildings.
  • Waterproof - With the Audéo Life Lumity you are prepared for all situations. Compared to the "classic" Lumity, the Life is waterproof in fresh, chlorine, and salt water. Up to half a meter under water, your hearing aid can accompany you and is therefore ideally suited for active, adventurous hearing aid wearers.

myPhonak App

The myPhonak app offers additional uses for your hearing aid. In addition to the aforementioned health data and goals that can be set and checked via the app, specific settings on the hearing aid are also adjustable in your. So you can easily adjust the program or volume of your hearing aid to the current situations via your smartphone. In addition, the battery status of your hearing aid and information about the wearing time can be called up. Another benefit is access to remote support services, which enable remote adjustments and assistance from your hearing care professional.

Phonak Audéo Lumity Accessories

Taken together with the right accessories, the Phonak Audéo Lumity is unbeatable! You can find a selection of matching accessories here:

  • Roger On - This additional microphone bridges distances to speakers or improves speech understanding in noisy environments 
  • Roger Table Mic - With the Table Mic you always keep the acoustic overview in group conversations. In particularly large groups, multiple Table Mics can be linked together so you don't miss a snippet of conversation. 
  • Roger Select - The Roger Select is used for better speech understanding during lectures and can also be used as a table microphone. If they want to focus on one speaker when there are multiple speakers, it's no problem with the Roger Select 
  • Phonak Charger Ease - in just three hours for a full day of listening.

Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
Gerhard Dämon
Best service with unbeatable purchase price

Ich habe zum ersten Mal Hörgeräte online bei MySecondEar bestellt. Die Beratung vor der Bestellung und die Online Anpassung nach der Lieferung war alles zu meiner vollsten Zufriedenheit. Die MitarbeiterInnen sind sehr freundlich und äußerst kompetent. Der Preis für die Hörgeräte ist unschlagbar.
Die österreichische Krankenversicherung lehnt eine Zuzahlung beim Onlinekauf ab, trotzdem habe ich mir rund € 1.000,-- erspart.
I can highly recommend MySecondEar, great service and perfect fitting of the hearing aids.

Heinrich Klein

The hearing aids I ordered were delivered within 2 days. In my opinion, the price-performance ratio at MySecondEar is excellent. I can only describe the consultation and subsequent remote maintenance by Ms. Reents as extremely competent, professional and very friendly. Chapeau.

Waldemar Rahm
Advice by phone and online the way it should be.

Auf der Suche nach einem alternativen Angebot entdeckte ich MySecondEar.
All my concerns were resolved to my satisfaction during the telephone conversation and the online quote. Now I will be fitted and given the hearing aids at my next appointment at the store. It was a very good consultation.

Karl Mantl
Pleasantly surprised

Everything has been fine so far.

Rolf Mitternacht

Kann nur bestätigen:
Umfangreiche ,kompetente Beratung!
Unkomplizierte Anpassung der Testgerät. 3 Wochen Zeit für die Gewöhnung. Schnelle Lieferung der neuen Geräte. Problemlose Abwicklung der Formalitäten mit der Krankenkasse.
Thank you very much

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