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Signia Streamline TV

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The following hearing aid models have an integrated receiver for StreamLine TV:

The advantage of the TV transmitter is that the TV sound is directly at your ear without detours and disturbing room noise is thus bypassed. This makes watching TV fun again and can be understood effortlessly. If you are watching TV with someone else, the other person can adjust the room sound according to their wishes. You yourself have your "own" volume via the hearing aids.

Use an iPhone (version 5 or higher) you can use the "myControl App" for control.

If you do not use an iPhone, you must have your hearing care professional activate the TV program in the software and can then activate this at the touch of a button on the hearing aid.


  • Turn on StreamLine TV 
  • Turn the hearing aids off first and then back on.
  • Place the hearing aids on the streamer.
  • The pairing process will start automatically.
  • When both LED lights on the streamer are solid blue for 30 seconds, the pairing is complete.

Please note that only one StreamLine TV transmitter can be paired with your hearing aids. If you would like to use two TV transmitters, the hearing aids must be paired again with the respective transmitter each time you use them.


  • Bluetooth transmitter for Signia hearing aids with integrated receiver
  • Useable with iPhone via myControl app
  • Simple operation
  • Range from transmitter to hearing aid about 10 meters
  • Possible to pair with multiple hearing instruments

Technical data:

  • Dimensions: 125 × 70 × 20 mm
  • Color: silver anthracite
  • Weight: 125 g

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x Signia StreamLine TV transmitter
  • 1x connection cable TOSLINK
  • 1x RCA cable
  • 1x Scart adapter
  • 1x jack adapter
  • 1x user manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Helmut Kellner

Kopplung vom Fernseher-Ton zum Signia Hörgerät gut

Daniel Bühler
I am very satisfied, it does what it promises.

The service worked, they called me back and were able to solve my problem.

Inge Armbrecht
Full satisfaction

Die Zustellung hat unerwartet lange gedauert, aber es hat sich gelohnt zu warten!
Einfache Installation und vor allem ein super Hörerlebnis!

Rolf Winter
Great device

Improves the speech intelligibility of the TV enormously without impairing local hearing.

Birgit Brill

For 2 years, I simply and always reliably had the sound from the TV directly in my ears via the hearing aids using a streamer. But then the device stopped streaming continuously. The sound constantly cuts out. However, it switches back on again after a short time and so on. That is extremely annoying!

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