Starkey Genesis AI

Technology level: 24
Design: Battery
Color: Silver
2.040 € 2.290 €
Price per single hearing aid. Shipping costs are free of charge.
Hearing Aids side: Both

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High quality Cleaning Set
Domes, Wax Guards, Receivers
5 Adjustments included

Starkey Genesis AI

Introducing Genesis AI, the latest and most advanced hearing technology in the market. With the industry's most powerful and smallest all-new Starkey Neuro Processor s1 chip, this hearing aid has broken the sound barrier to provide a transparent and clear sound experience for wearers. The processor is equipped with a unique on-board Deep Neural Network (DNN) accelerator engine that mimics the cerebral cortex of the human brain, utilizing complex pattern recognition and advanced machine learning technology to adapt to more listening situations than ever before.

With the new Neuro Sound Technology, Genesis AI provides wearers with the clearest hearing yet. The speed of the new processor has opened the door to a patented additive compression system that synthesizes signals from slow and fast compression systems to deliver optimized perceptual outcomes. This technology enables wearers to hear soft sounds without noise, distinguish words and speech more intuitively, and significantly reduce their listening effort. Genesis AI has an 80 million hearing adjustments per hour, a 20 dB improvement in dynamic range, and the lowest noise floor yet.

The Genesis AI is designed to be sleek and discreet, providing all-day comfort and superior durability. The all-new RIC design is ergonomically crafted to fit the ear, and it is available in various colors, including White, Tech Black, Graphite Gray, Silver, Chestnut, Caramel, Beige.

The product family is available in the most popular styles, and new chargers have been introduced that are compact, sturdy, intuitive, and modern. The all-new My Starkey app is designed to leap connectivity barriers in a single app.

Customer Reviews

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Klaus Schnell
Starkey Genesis AI RIC

I am very satisfied with the performance so far - the connection to the app and the appointment for the remote adjustment are still ahead of me

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