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Signia Silk IX

Technology level: 7
Design: Rechargeable
Color: Black
4.090 €
Price per ear
Hearing Aids side: Both

Included with every Hearing Aid Purchase:


Charger or 60 Batteries


High quality Cleaning Set


Domes, Wax Guards, Receivers


5 Adjustments included

Silk Charge&Go IX


The Silk Charge&Go IX is an unobtrusive hearing aid that effortlessly integrates into your clients' daily lives, providing them with a clear listening experience without drawing attention to the hearing aid. As the world's only CIC with Binaural OneMic Directionality, it is now rechargeable. Despite its small size, it can run for an entire day on a single charge.

Features of the Silk Charge&Go IX:

  • Integrated Xperience Technology - An enhanced version of the renowned Xperience technology for a streamlined listening experience.
  • eWindScreen - Prevents annoying wind noise for a clear listening experience.
  • Chargeable on the go - Portable charging case lets you charge your hearing aid anytime, anywhere.
  • Ready to use immediately - The device is ready to use right out of the box, without any additional adjustments.
  • Auto EchoShield - Prevents annoying echo effects for an improved listening experience in reverberant environments.

Charge & Power

The Silk Charge&Go IX can be charged on the go with a slim pocket case that offers an integrated power bank. This case provides up to four additional charges and can be charged wirelessly (Qi) for added convenience


Style & Discretion

Available in two colors: Mocha and Black. With a soft textured finish to eliminate reflections, it is designed to meet the needs of hearing aid users. The unique, discreet CIC fits instantly with the new ultra-comfortable EarWear 3.0 or with a custom mold.

Signia App

With an easy-to-use app, users can fine-tune their hearing aids to fit their unique listening preferences.

Accessories for the Silk Charge&Go IX

  • Signia Silk Charger - Charging the Silk Charge&Go IX with the Silk Charger allows you to always be ready to go.
  • miniPocket - Easily adjust the volume and program of your hearing aid with this remote control.

Find more accessories from Signia here.


Silk Charge&Go IX Colors


The Silk Charge&Go IX is available in the following colors: mocha, black.

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