Oticon Real

Technology level: 1
Design: Battery
Color: Quartz sand
1.790 € 1.990 €
Price per single hearing aid. Shipping costs are free of charge.
Hearing Aids side: Both

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The Oticon Real

The Oticon Real is the successor to the Oticon More. Oticon Real is a hearing aid powered by the new Polaris R platform with RealSound Technology. Oticon Real reduces hearing effort by 22% with the new SuddenSound Stabilizer and is designed to handle life's real-world sounds even better, including a unique wind and noise cancellation feature.

The following features await you in the Oticon Real:

  • Bluetooth connectivity - streaming directly from your smartphone
  • Polaris R microchip - This smart chip takes brain hearing technology to a new level, which significantly impacts the technical function of the Oticon Real 
  • Deep Neural Network - This technology has been trained with more than 12 million sounds, ensuring that they perceive each sound in detail and clarity.
  • MoreSound Intelligence 2.0 - This intelligent platform is able to distinguish difficult from easy listening situations. Wind and noise can now be detected even better and avoided by MoreSound Intelligence 2.0.
  • MoreSound Amplifier 2.0- This amplifier system provides balanced, high-contrast hearing. With the SuddenSound Stabilizer, soft and loud sudden sounds are detected and controlled so that they are audible but not unpleasant or distracting.

Oticon Real Accessories

  • Connect Clip - Can be used for telephony or as a microphone to perceive speech from a distance.
  • TV adapter - Plays sound from your TV directly through your hearing aid.
  • Remote Control - Change the volume and program of your hearing aid with the click of a finger using this small remote control.
  • EduMic - This additional microphone can serve as a remote microphone, but also as a telecoil or for streaming.

You can find more Oticon accessories here.

Oticon Real Colors

The Oticon Real comes in the following colors: quartz sand, platinum, silver white, sienna brown, nut brown, titanium, pearl black, hear pink, and the new olive green*.

*Olive Green is only available on the rechargeable version.

Customer Reviews

Based on 74 reviews
Herr Ulf Hamann
Good prices good service

Gute Info über die Webseite von MySecondEar, danach gute telefonische Beratung
durch Herrn Johannes Schmager/Berlin. Vollständige Lieferung der vor eingestellten Oticon Real1-Hörgeräte mit allem Zubehör. Alles hat sofort funktioniert inkl. TV-Adapter. Online-Abschluß einer Hörgeräteversicherung bei Alteos/Berlin war ebenfalls problemlos. Erste Fernwartung am 27.11.23 zur Optimierung der Tonqualität des TV-Adapters und Rauschreduzierung im Allgemein-Modus. Bisher alles sehr zufriedenstellend. Jetzt kommt die Zeit der Bewährung unter Alltagsbedingungen. Ein Dankeschön aus Hamburg an das MySecondEar-Team.

Heinz Vossenkuhl
Nice to hear with them

Everything went smoothly, just as I had imagined. The purchase was preceded by a comprehensive and detailed consultation, and the hearing aids ordered were also delivered promptly as promised.

Renate Lacher
Top acoustician

When I started looking for new hearing aids, I naturally had certain ideas and first came across the Signia Styletto. It quickly became clear that I would rather stick with Oticon and that the battery-powered devices didn't suit me. Replacing the devices went very smoothly. The prices are unbeatable and good devices are affordable even for those on a budget. The telephone advice from Mr. Hübner and the on-site support from Mr. Hassan were simply excellent. I am now happy with my well-adjusted Oticon Real 1. Thank you for everything.

Marijan Bojčuk

Oticon Real

Andreas Blunk
unreserved recommendation

I became aware of mysecondear in the course of my research in connection with the purchase of new hearing aids. My interest and curiosity were aroused by the remarkably low prices in comparison. The communication with the customer service staff online/by phone (namely Mr. Böttcher) and later in the Berlin branch (Mr. Hassan) was consistently friendly and absolutely solution- and customer-oriented. I can only assess the advice given when choosing hearing aids to a limited extent, as I had already decided on the type of hearing aids I wanted. My slight concerns about the service in terms of cleaning / possible repairs / spare parts were allayed. My slight reservations about the service in terms of cleaning / possible repairs / spare parts were allayed by the possibility of visiting a personal contact in my town if necessary. The unwillingness of the previous hearing aid company to come close to mysecondear's prices made the decision to cut ties an easy one. The whole process, from the initial contact to the fitting and handover appointment, was to my complete satisfaction and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for the support you have given me so far.

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