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Unitron Domes 4.0 Hearing Aid Dome

Type: Open
Size: S
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Unitron Domes for Hearing Aids 4.0

The Unitron 4.0 Dome Generation is available in ten different designs for small and large ear canals. As an open dome or closed version with ventilation. And of course, for the strongest, as a power double dome, which offers the highest possible tightness.

Open Domes are used for mild hearing loss. They offer special wearing comfort and the ear canal is well ventilated.


  • Open Dome 4.0 S is approximately 6 mm Ø
  • Open Dome 4.0 M is about 8 mm Ø
  • Open Dome 4.0 L is about 10 mm Ø

Closed domes make the programs in the Hearing Aid more effective and allow more amplification. Small ventilation holes are located on the top.


  • Vented dome 4.0 is approximately 6 mm Ø
  • Vented dome 4.0 is about 8 mm Ø
  • Vented dome 4.0 is about 10 mm Ø

Power Domes have 2 Domes in a row for a very high seal with strong supply.


  • Power Dome 4.0 S is approx. 8 mm Ø
  • Power Dome 4.0 M has a diameter of approx. 10 mm Ø
  • Powerdome 4.0 L is approx. 12 mm Ø

The Unitron Domes 4.0 are suitable for the following Unitron hearing aids:


Technical data:

  • Color: Grey
  • Fits Unitron Hearing Aid 4.0

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x Unitron Domes 4.0
  • Content: 1 piece

Customer Reviews

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Norbert Schwinn
Fast and cheap

I can recommend MySecondEar.

Rosemarie Baer
Ordered goods delivered correctly

My ordered goods were delivered quickly. No problems.

Perfect *****

Everything worked out wonderfully. Shipping could be a little faster, but otherwise ***** Perfect. Thank you and gladly again.

Randolf Dücker

as always, everything went smoothly. Keep it up !!!

Franz u. Helene Kersting

Unitron Domes 4.0 Hearing Aid Domes

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