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Humantechnik sonumaxx2.4 set with transmitter and chin strap earpiece - A-4108-0

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Humantechnik sonumaxx2.4 set with transmitter & chin strap handset

Audiological technology, ergonomically intelligent design and superior 2.4 GHz digital transmission technology play a major role in making the "sonumaxx-2.4" an all-around winner - with powerful amplification, top stereo sound, convenient operation and versatility.

With an adjustable volume of up to 120 dB, the "sonumaxx-2.4" offers a balanced and pleasantly clear sound even in the upper amplification range. At the same time, the transmission between transmitter and receiver via the 2.4 GHz frequency band proves to be interference-resistant and secure.

The sonumaxx 2.4 transmitter

For the connection of the transmitter to the audio source - a TV- set or other audio equipment - all common connection cables are included in the connection cable set, including TOSLINK.

The transmitter serves as a storage and docking station for the receiver and charges its batteries. A 100 percent charged battery provides approximately 6 to 8 hours of operation. Two receiver batteries are included in the set so they can be used and charged alternately. On the front of the "sonumaxx-2.4" transmitter is a selection button that allows the user to choose from three pre-programmed sound profiles, the one that comes closest to his hearing sensation.

The "sonumaxx-2.4" receivers: hear TV sound, don't disturb anyone and switch to call amplification if needed

The housings for the chinstrap receiver and the bodypack receiver, as well as their controls, are identical. A special comfort feature of the "sonumaxx 2.4" receiver is the ability to switch from receiving TV sound to communication at the touch of a button. Then an integrated microphone records the sounds of the environment and "sonumaxx-2.4" reproduces them amplified.

The chin strap receiver

The earpiece of the "sonumaxx-2.4" in stethoscope design is comfortable to wear without pressing uncomfortably on the ears. Last but not least, the cuddly, replaceable ear pads made of soft silicone also contribute to this.

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