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Oticon Opn S

Technology level: 1
Design: Rechargeable
Color: Silver White
1.790 € 1.890 €
Price per ear
Hearing Aids side: Both
Oticon Intent

This product has a successor:

Oticon Intent

Price: from 1.090,00 €

Included with every Hearing Aid Purchase:


Charger or 60 Batteries


High quality Cleaning Set


Domes, Wax Guards, Receivers


5 Adjustments included

The Oticon Opn S

In 2016, Oticon launched the Opn hearing aids, aiming at enabling people with hearing loss to hear normally - even in noisy environments. In 2019, the company presented a further development of the Opn models - the Opn S. The Oticon Opn S is a small, compact hearing aid that promises better and easier speech perception. In the process, even noisy listening environments are no longer an obstacle. Oticon endeavors to ensure that nobody has to restrict their everyday life due to their hearing impairment. This aim is realised through the technological equipment and subtle design of the Opn S.

Features of the Oticon Opn S

  • Improved Feedback Suppression - Whistling, screeching and hissing noises are largely prevented.
  • Adjustment via app - Have your Opn S adjusted remotely via app by your hearing care professional whilst conveniently staying at home.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity - Connect your hearing aids to external Bluetooth devices and stream your favorite music directly via your Opn S.
  • IFTTT Connectivity - Connect your hearing aids to the Internet to use smart home products, link mail or calendar systems, and much more.
  • Rechargeability - Charge your hearing aids overnight and enjoy a full day of listening pleasure.

Oticon Opn S Technology

  • VeloxS - The VeloxS platform provides the foundation for the breakthrough technology of the Opn S. It has extremely sensitive environmental awareness detectors and additionally improves battery performance.
  • Brain Hearing Technology - Enables one to hear even clearer, and more easily in noisy environments that are characterized by background noise. This results in less everyday effort for you to hear.
  • 360° Sound Experience - Follow conversations with multiple participants despite loud ambient noise.
  • Open Sound Optimizer - Through the Open Sound Optimizer speech understanding is improved without causing a reduction in sound quality. The technology provides an open sound without feedback.
  • Open Sound Navigator - The Open Sound Navigator helps to perceive the acoustic environment in a balanced manner. It can be activated via the app to serve as an additional listening booster for you.

Oticon ON App

With the Oticon ON App you can make minor changes in your hearing aid settings. Tap to easily adjust the volume and hearing programs of your device. In addition, the app comes with a search function that’s able to always tell you where your hearing aid is currently at. If you’d like to connect your Oticon Opn S to the Internet via IFTTT, this is also carried out within the app. Moreover, a function to support the best use of your hearing aids as well as the setting options for the OpenSound Booster are available at any time in the Oticon ON App.

Oticon Opn S Accessories

  • TV adapter - Connect your Oticon Opn S hearing aid to the TV to receive sound directly through your hearing aid. 
  • Li- Ion Charger - Charge your hearing aids in this stylish charging station. In addition to the attractive appearance, the charging power of this charger is particularly convincing. Already 30 minutes of charging time allow you 6 hours of listening experience.
  • Connect Clip - Use the Connect Clip as an additional microphone, for phone calls or as a connector to your PC's audio output. 
  • Remote Control - Control the volume and program selection of your hearing aids at the touch of a button using the Remote Control.
  • EduMic - Use the EduMic as a microphone to bridge distances, as a telecoil or media streamer.

Oticon Opn S Colors

The Oticon Opn S is available in the following colors: Silver White, Platinum, Quartz Sand, Sienna Brown, Titanium, Nut Brown, Pearl Black.

Customer Reviews

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Klaus Friedrichsen

Vom ersten Kontakt bis zur Fernanpassung 5 Sterne

Elvis Wemyss
Class advice, fast processing / delivery and great service

I am TOTALLY satisfied!

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