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Philips ProWax miniFit Wax Guard (6 pcs)

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Philips ProWax MiniFit - the Earwax protection for MiniFit Receiver

Philips Wax Guards sit directly in front of the Receiver membrane and protect your Hearing Aids from penetrating particles. They are usable for Philips in-ear devices as well as for Philips Hearing Aids with external MiniFit Receiver.

For devices with Receiver, place the filter directly into the Receiver opening before placing the Dome on top.

ProWax MiniFit Filters have a smaller diameter than the older Philips ProWax filters and are designed for the MiniFit Receiver fitting Philips.

By regularly replacing the filter, you ensure a flawless sound of your Hearing Aids while reducing the susceptibility to repair. The ProWax wax guard should be renewed approximately every 4 weeks. The small grid of the filter should always be freely visible and undamaged during this time.

User Instructions:

  • To change the filter, remove a filter module from the ring.
  • On one side is already the new filter.
  • With the empty" side, pull the filter to be changed straight out of the Hearing Aid.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Philips ProWax miniFit wax filter (6 pcs.)

Michael Reinert

Unfortunately, the filters are hard to get! Here you get which fit super!

Marianne Dehnen
Service 1a

Friendly advice on the phone, fast delivery - and with a small complaint about filters a day later completely new in the mailbox. That was really super. My supplier for accessories in the next few years.

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