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Signia miniReceiver 2.0 Receiver for Hearing Aids

Side: Left
Type: Type S
Length: 0
69 €
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Signia miniReceiver 2.0

The external receiver for Signia hearing aids has been improved in many ways with the miniReceiver 2.0. Due to the connection system, it is better protected against moisture and also immediately shows the right side with the color marking. The colors blue (for left) and red (for right) are immediately clearly recognizable.

The miniReceiver also has protection against earwax and moisture. This effectively protects it from environmental influences and prevents repairs.

The new design of the Signia receiver enables an even more inconspicuous connection with the hearing aids. At the same time, it supports better positioning of the microphones, which improve directional hearing.

Thus, the earpieces enable an individual and optimal fitting of Signia hearing aids. The three offered earpieces differ in size and have different strengths.

The power levels:

  • miniReceiver S / 45 dB
  • miniReceiver M / 60 dB
  • miniReceiver P / 70 dB

Connexx miniReceivers 2.0 are suitable for the following hearing aids:

Please make sure you are using the receiver model your hearing instrument was programmed for. Using a different receiver will change the transmission characteristics of your hearing instrument and must be adjusted during programming. If you would like to use a different receiver than you are currently using, please discuss this with your hearing care professional beforehand.


  • More power in a smaller design.
  • Unobtrusive wear with improved cable routing.
  • Reliable click mechanism for the Signia dome.
  • Customization of a custom shell Click Mold for P and HP earmolds possible.
  • New connection system with SIM technology and color display.
  • 2-way wax protection.
  • Protected against moisture.

Technical data:

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x Signia miniReceiver 2.0

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Signia miniReceiver 2.0

Lieferung in die Schweiz dauerte zwar ab Bestellung 10 Tage. Kundensupport ist aber top und hat auch umgehend geantwortet und erklärt wieso.
Bei der Lieferung schlussendlich war alles i.O. Auch der Preis scheint mir fair und günstig.
I will gladly order there again when I need something.

Aras Omar
Best site for services

Good service and quick response

Klaus Dolle
Professional handling

Hatte Signia mini Receiver 2 bestellt, waren aber nicht kompatibel mit meinem Hörgerät. Bestellung wurde anstandslos zurückgenommen und durch kompatibe mini Receiver ersetzt.Sehr zufrieden mit der Ware und der Betreuung.

Primus Schäppi
Buying a mini receiver

Good that it is possible to purchase spare parts for my hearing aid cheaply and quickly. Everything worked out great! Thank you very much!

Volker Wichmann
Missing description on the website....

…wurde durch eine sehr hilfreiche, bemühte Mitarbeiterin problemlos gelöst.
Delivery prompt, processing perfect. Gladly again.

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