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Signia Silk X

Technology level: 7
Design: Battery
Color: Black
3.290 €
Price per ear
Hearing Aids side: Both
Signia Silk IX

This product has a successor:

Signia Silk IX

Price: from 1.490,00 €

Included with every Hearing Aid Purchase:


Charger or 60 Batteries


High quality Cleaning Set


Domes, Wax Guards, Receivers


5 Adjustments included

Signia Silk X

The Signia Silk X is an ITE hearing aid that disappears discreetly inside the ear canal, making it practically invisible. Click sleeves replace lengthy tailoring and lead to a quick fitting. The sleeves are available in four different sizes to match every ear.

This list contains a number of features awaiting you when choosing the Signia Silk X:

  • Xperience Technology - Xperience technology provides you with extremely clear sound perception in any listening environment.
  • Phone + Music - Making phone calls and listening to music is effortless with the Signia Silk X. Since the device picks up sounds and sits inside the ear, you can either use over-ear headphones or hold your cell phone directly to your ear, as you would without wearing a hearing aid.
  • Remote Fitting - Save yourself time and money by having your hearing aids adjusted remotely by our hearing care professionals.
  • Binaural Directionality - Binaural directionality allows you to set a focus for sound perception into a preferred direction or onto a preferred speaker. Binaural directionality delivers clear speech understanding even in noisy environments.

Signia App

With help of the Signia App, you can change minor settings of your hearing aids yourself. For example, you can adjust the volume of your devices which even works independently for each side, allowing for a highly individual listening experience. Additionally, the Signia App is the location for remote fittings of your Signia Silk X. Our hearing care professionals can adjust your hearing aids according to your personal hearing needs via the app.

Accessories for the Silk X

  • miniPocket - This small remote control allows you to easily and quickly adjust the volume and program of your hearing aid.

You can find more accessories from Signia here.

Signia Silk X Colors

The Signia Silk X is available in the following colors: Black, Mocha.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Friedrich Frank

Signia Silk X

M. P. Waser
einfach nur Gut, sehr Gut "Danke"

Nachdem ich genau wusste, was ich für ein Hörgerät (Marke/Typ) benötige, habe ich mich entschlossen, bei MySecondEar zu bestellen. Ich habe danach den HNO Hörbericht zugestellt für die Ersteinstellung, was dann auch, erstaunlicherweise für mich, perfekt eingestellt geliefert wurde.
Top Beratung, gutes Preis/Leistungs-Verhältnis, Lieferung direkt an meine Schweizer Adresse, keine Zollgebühren oder MwSt. alles ist im Kaufpreis enthalten, Zollabwicklung wird von SecondEar erledigt. Rechnung wird so ausgestellt, dass alle Angaben für IV/AHV vorhanden sind, so dass die Rückerstattung keine Probleme verursacht. My Second Ear's Service, Beratung, Preis Vor-und Nachsorge ist so, wie man es sich wünschen würde. Freundliche Kontakte, nicht aufdringlich, "ABSOLUT EMPFEHLENSWERT". Die Fernwartung funktioniert ebenso wie alles andere. DANKE, weiter so!

ps: I usually buy everything in the country in which I live, but with these "WUCHERPREISEN" and the arrogance of CH sellers I have no choice. In Switzerland, I would have paid for the same device (without accessories as included in MySecondEar) twice (DOUBLE) as much in a hearing aid store, in online CH still 15% more.

Herbert Lang

From ordering to delivery and subsequent remote adjustment of the hearing aids, everything worked wonderfully. Thank you, highly recommended!

Manfred Petrat
MySecondear and much more

Die 5 Sterne sind zutreffend.
Each star stands for: 1. competent advice,2. unbeatable the price, 3. comprehensive complete package,4.very good service, 5. I can only recommend MySecondear.

S. Heinemann
professional, competent and friendly

The entire process, from the initial telephone consultation to the appointment to the personal appointments with anamnesis, individual consultation and recommendation of suitable devices, ran smoothly, reliably and quickly. The on-site consultation in Berlin by Moni Vu was very competent and friendly. As a customer, I always felt very well taken care of. Both the provision of test devices and then the delivery of the selected models went quickly. I am extremely satisfied with the overall performance.

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